About Us!

Law Office Mets & Co OÜ is a contemporary law office located in the heart of Tallinn. We aim at providing our customers with versatile legal assistance, standing for our customers rights and making sure to reach a just solution. Justice and just do not, however, always have the same meaning in the legal sense, and as such, our primary goal is a just solution.

Compromises tend to be the best judgements as a court ruling will usually favour one party and disadvantage the other, and this might not always be just. While we honour court judgements, the fact remains that formal and realistic solutions might not always meet people’s expectations, meaning that people feel that their sense of justice has been dealt a significant blow.

As such, we concentrate on finding solutions that follow the “live and let live” principle – let’s be reasonable and attempt to find solutions.

Our ability to avoid getting stuck in legal mazes and find new solutions in the darkest of situations has been the cornerstone of our success for many years. Every problem can be solved. Let’s find that solution together.

The founder of Law Office Mets & Co, Reimo Mets, is a renowned and well-known lawyer in Estonia, whose astounding achievements on the legal terrain will probably be written about in the future. Reimo is a fiery and passionate fighter who has sought and found solutions even with the help of establishing the necessary legislation. It is impossible to downplay Reimo Mets’s contribution to court practice and the fight for justice – he has been unrelenting and his role in guaranteeing the equal treatment of everybody living in Estonia is outstanding.

The aim of Law Office Mets & Co is to find solutions and settle legal disputes in the best, fastest and most reasonable way possible. Sadly, if the opposing party fails or refuses to understand reason, or if his/her representatives give bad or malicious advice, going to court might be unavoidable.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that you have been treated unjustly, you would like additional information concerning your rights or would like a second opinion, go to court or take someone to court. No problem is too big when we tackle it together.

Legal assistance tends to be costly – even stepping into a law office may seem expensive. Payment is not a problem at our office and we always cooperate with the customer to find the best payment plan.

If you can no longer see a solution to your problem, let us help. Defending your rights is our business.